Rick Ross Still Has Endorsement Deal With Reebok?


Even after losing his endorsement deal with Reebok, Rick Ross still chooses to lace up in a pair. There are even rumors circulating that he actually might still have a deal with the sneaker brand. To make the rumors even more interesting, recently there was a new video uploaded on the MMG YouTube channel, and it showcased Ross’ basketball court sponsored by Reebok.

Rick Ross was dropped from Reebok due to what many considered to be date rape lyrics in the song “UOENO”. A major protest from women’s group also forced the company to end its partnership with the MMG boss.

In the video, Ross is playing basketball with his son and others on his Big Bank Center, which is decorated with the Reebok logo. Now maybe this is just some of the benefits the rapper was able to keep after he lost his deal. But back in July, Ross hinted that there maybe another deal in the future. “I feel like when the time presents itself, if it is meant to be we gon’ make that announcement and let the streets and everybody know what the deal is.”

Check out the video below.


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