Stussy x Yo! MTV Raps Collection


One of the hottest streetwear brands has hooked up with one of the greatest hip-hop TV shows to create a collection of t-shirts. That’s right, Stussy and Yo! MTV Raps have partnered up and will release a four t-shirt collection tomorrow (August 9th). Check out the shirts after the jump.

Hip-hop legends Slick Rick, Public Enemy, De La Soul, and Eric B. and Rakim will be featured in this collection, as Stussy pays homage to some of the best rappers during the Golden Era of hip-hop. Clearly there were more great acts, so hopefully Stussy and Yo! MTV Raps will continue their partnership and create more shirts featuring other artists.


As mentioned before, the shirts will be available tomorrow at an unspecified time. Stussy has also been working with Yo! MTV Raps to bring back rap trading cards. These trading cards were very popular during the 90’s and during the shows existence. Maybe a pack of cards will be included when you purchase a shirt.


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