Childish Gambino to Star, Write, & Produce New FX Sitcom

childish gambino-EricaVain

It was recently announced that Donald Glover, also known to the music world as Childish Gambino, will be having a limited role on NBC’s Community to focus more on his music career. Well apparently he is not fully putting his acting career on hold as he announced that he will be joining FX‘s new sitcom, Atlanta.

Atlanta is a half-hour comedy sitcom that is “set against the backdrop of the Atlanta music scene”, which is something Glover is aware of since he grew up in Georgia. He will be serving as the shows writer, producer, and lead star. According to Deadline, other networks were trying to pick-up the show, but Glover chose FX because they understand his tour schedule, as Childish Gambino, and are willing to work around it.

With new music on the way and a new sitcom being developed, Donald Glover has alot on his plate. It’s understanding on why his role as Troy Barnes on Community was reduced.


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