Chief Keef Ordered to Pay $230k to Promotion Company



More trouble is coming Chief Keef‘s way. A recent lawsuit is ordering the troubled rapper to pay $230,000 to a promotion company for damages. Check out the details after the jump.

Back in December, Chief Keef skipped a performance at a concert in London that was organized by Washington, D.C promotion company Team Major. Because Keef decided to ditch his performance, the company had to give back thousands of fans refunds and it affected their reputation. Apparently, Keef did not mention to Team Major that he will not make the show, nor did he explain why he did not show up. As a result, the company filed a lawsuit against the rapper requesting $75,000 in damages, which is approximately how much money the company lost.

The lawsuit was filed four months ago, and Chief Keef has yet to acknowledge it. His silence on this situation has caused the judge to agree with the promotion company, and is ordering Keef to pay $230,019 for damages, loss of earnings, and damage to Team Major’s reputation.

First it was child support, now its damage payments. Soon or later Chief Keef is going to go from “finally rich” to “finally broke”.


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