Tim Westwood to be Replaced

tim westwood

If there is one person who deserves credit for giving hip-hop a British audience, it should be Tim Westwood. For 20 years, Westwood has been introducing American hip-hop artist to Great Britan through his radio show on BBC Radio 1. But as of today, Westwood, 55, is being replaced by the much younger Charlie Sloth

BBC Radio 1 is making this swap in order to attract young listeners and decrease the average age of listeners, which is 29. However, Westwood is not being fired from the radio station. Sloth will be taking over his Saturday night slot and Westwood will keep his weekday show and his Wednesday night show on Radio 2.

The legendary radio host is responsible for bringing hip-hop to BBC Radio. His radio show was the station’s first show dedicated to hip-hop; and the people at BBC are extremely greatful for his service. BBC Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper said, “I’d like to thank Tim for the last 20 years on Radio 1. His passion for Hip Hop is legendary. I wish him all the very best.”

Hopefully this does not mean there will be no more Tim Westwood TV freestyles.


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