King Louie Accused of Using Assault of a Woman for Publicity

king louie


A woman is accusing rapper King Louie of setting up an assault to promote himself as an artist. Jazmine Berry is claiming that the rapper hired a woman to attack her while he recorded it. Louie eventually put the recording on YouTube and he later tweeted the video.  According to Berry, who is an associate of the rapper, Louie invited her to his house for breakfast last month. While there, another woman named Josephine Conley arrived, and things turned for the worst.

Conley and Louie then accuse her of stealing a pair of Marc Jacob glasses, which Berry denies. Conley then begins to attack Berry and Louie starts to record the whole thing. There were two people witnessing the fight, but they did not interfere and just stood there and watched.

Berry is filing a $1 million lawsuit against the rapper for damages for battery, conspiracy, emotional distress, and defamation. King Louie did have a mixtape getting ready to be released when he tweeted the video, so there is a possibility that he used it to bring more attention to himself.

Whether it was a promotional tool or not, Louie is getting the attention he was seeking. Unfortunately, he might have to cough up a million dollars because of it.


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