6 Rappers That Need to Call It Quits


Everybody can not be like Jay Z and rap until their 60, and there are multiple people in the rap industry who are trying to have LONG careers. Sure Jay has been making albums for almost two decades now, but even at the age of 43, he still puts out great music. Not everyone can do that. And for the artist who are trying REALLY hard to keep their careers alive, they really need to consider retirement…like 3 albums ago. I have six rappers in mind who need to step away from the mic and enter other business ventures. You can blame Birdman for this list.

6.) Bow Wow

VM_Bow Wow_6

Mr. 106 & Park has been in the game before he reached middle school. His first album came out when he was 13, and led to a successful career as a teen heartthrob. Now, Bow Wow is 26 and has been struggling with trying to stay relevant musically. He is signed to Young Money, but people forget that because he has yet to put out an album under the label and he is now the host of 106 & Park. Maybe the album will never come out. Maybe it is just best for him to stick to working with BET, because that is what paying the bills.

5.) Busta Rhymes


Another YMCMB rapper who needs to call it quits. The fast spitting rapper had a successful career in the late ’90s early 2000s, but he can’t seem to have any success as of late. His last big hit was “Touch It!” in 2006. Since then, he made multiple appearances on hit songs, but has not had any success with his own music. Now the 41 year old is signed to Young Money and is scheduled to drop an album later this year. But the game has changed for Busta; fans do not really want to hear fast rap anymore. Yes, he is a legend, but legends know when to call it a career.

4.) Nelly


Do I really need to explain this one? I mean…have y’all heard his new song “Hey Porsche”? I rest my case.

3.) Diddy


Diddy is more of a business man than rapper. But just because he is almost a billionaire, doesn’t mean it is okay for him to continue making music. Because, to be completely honest, Diddy just cannot rap. So just do yourself and everyone’s ears a favor and stop making albums!

2.) LL Cool J


Some say he’s the G.O.A.T – I just laugh. LL Cool J has been in the game too long, and he has found greater success in movies and television. So why is he still making music? His music was once great, now it’s just mediocre and ridiculous. Just listen to his last album Authentic.He’s even older than Jay Z! C’mon son.

1.) Birdman




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