June 18th First Week Sales


June 18th was a big day in hip-hop as fans were blessed with releases from Kanye West, J.Cole, and Mac Miller. After a few projections, the numbers are officially in for the first week. Check out the first week sales after the jump.

All three artist performed well; so better than expected. The firs week sales goes as follows:

1.) Kanye West’s Yeezus– 328,800 units sold

2.) J.Cole’s Born Sinner– 297,922 units sold

3.) Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off – 101,795 units sold.

No surprise that Kanye claimed the top spot on the billboard charts, but it is very impressive that J. Cole had a chance to outsell Kanye.  Also, for the second straight album, Mac Miller sold 100,00 units in the first week. What makes this so surprising is the fact that Mac is an independent artist and he does not have any radio singles.

These sales just prove how loyal these three artist fan bases are; without any number one singles from either rapper, they still managed to have a great first week.


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