Lil’ Reese Arrested


Those GBE boys sure know how to stay in trouble. On Saturday, rapper Lil Reese was arrested in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in New York City, and was charged with theft of a BMW; he was released on a $5,000 bond on Sunday. Apparently, Reese stole the BMW by using “false documentation”. 

The car belonged to a 44- year old man who claims he never gave Lil’ Reese “consent or permission to register the vehicle in his name”. This is not the first time Reese has been in legal issues. Last year, a video surfaced of Lil’ Reese brutally assaulting a woman; the video was eventually removed, but Reese did not actually apologize for his actions. Also in April, he woke up under arrest for criminal trespassing, mob action, and battery charges. With his constant run-ins with the law, you would begin to forget that he is a rapper.


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