3 Reasons Why Mac Miller Might Have the Better Album than Kanye West and J.Cole


Today is the big day that hip-hop fans have been anticipating for weeks! Today, June 18th, Kanye West’s Yeezus, J.Cole’s Born Sinner, and Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With the Sound Off will be in stores. Kanye is expected to outsell Cole and Mac, and since he has such a great track record, he is expected to have the better album. Many critics believe that J.Cole, who moved his release date up a week in order to compete with Mr. West, has a chance to shock the world with his album. But little attention is on Mac Miller and his new project. Surely he is not going to outsell either Kanye or J.Cole, but he may be able to have the best album out of the three. Here are three reason why Watching Movies With the Sound Off might be the best album to come out today.


3.) The album will have great production 

Since his debut album Blue Slide Park, Mac Miller has become a producer, a pretty good one at that. A handful of his produced tracks have made to a few of his rapper friend’s mixtapes and albums. He also released a mixtape of only instrumentals produced by him. For this album, not only is he producing a major portion of the album, but he also has Pharrell, Chuck English, Tyler The Creator, The Alchemist, Flying Lotus, Diplo, and Clams Casino handling production. All these producers have an impressive catalog, so this album’s production will not be disappointing.

2.) Mac Miller has improved as an artist

Mac Miller was 19 when his debut album was released; so his music was mainly consisted of fun, dumb, party lyrics. But with this album, Mac plans to be more reflective and prove to everyone that he is more than just a party rapper. With the album’s first single “S.D.S (Somebody Do Somethin’)”, you can sense the progression in Mac’s lyrics. Also with in the song “Objects in the Mirror”, you can tell that he has matured from a goofy rapper into an artist who should be taken seriously. Plus, hanging around rappers such as Earl Sweatshirt, Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, Casey Veggies, and Tyler The Creator, it is no surprise that he has evolved as an artist.

1.) Never Underestimate the Underdog

Remember in 2007 when 50 Cent and Kanye West were competing against each other to see who’s album will sell more the first week? Remember how everyone considered Kanye to be the underdog in this battle? Well this situation is similar to the position Mac Miller is in today. Not only did Kanye outsell 50, but he also had the better album. Now, it is almost impossible for Mac to outsell J.Cole, let alone Kanye; but just because he is an underdog, do not underestimate his artistry.

Needless to say, today is a momentous day in hip-hop and it is a day that will be remembered throughout hip-hop history.


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