J.Cole Announces One Time Album Listening

J+ColeJ. Cole announced on Twitter yesterday that he is giving his fans a preview of his new album Born Sinner in select cities. “Born Sinner will stream 1 time tomorrow at these exact coordinates. http://www.dreamvillain.net/listening-session/ … 8pm EST/ 7pm CT/ 5pm PST” Jermaine tweeted. So if you are in Atlanta, Boston, New York City, Toronto, Houston,  Los Angeles, or Fayetteville, then you could be the first group of people to listen to Born Sinner before it drops on June 18th. So much for keeping it a surprise.

However Cole does have a few request. He tweeted that he wants his friends to “bring 1. iphone fully charged, 2. with LSNR app downloaded and enabled, and 3. favorite pair of headphones”. The LSNR app is very essential, for it is the only way you can listen to the album. Check out the flyers below for more info.bornsinner bornsinner2

In other J.Cole news, he released the tracklist for the album. Features include: Miguel, TLC, Kendrick Lamar, James Fauntleroy, 50 Cent, and Jhene Aiko. He also revealed that the deluxe edition includes Truly Yours 3. Looks like J.Cole got a lot up his sleeves.


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